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    Beginner help please



      Beginner help please


      I have individual product table for each category of products, each having a sequential number with a prefix letter relating to a category table. I would like to make one form that would add a new product to the table it is related to by category, without having to have a separate form layout for each individual product table. I have tried portals but don't think these are what I would need to use, would a script or functions where I would need to learn more for this form? 

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          Thank you for your post.


          Is there a reason why you have individual product tables for each category of products?  Could you not include an extra category field to the table and put all records in one table?  If you can, then adding a new product would be simpler.


          Assuming it is the way now, since you don't know which table information is going to be added, it might be easier to use a script.  For example,


          If [Category = "A" ]

             Perform Script [<Add a record to category A script> ]

          Else If [Category = "B" ]

             Perform Script [<Add a record to category B script> ]

          Else If [Category = "C"]



          End If


          That is, you have a script for each table that grabs the current information and adds it to the corresponding table.



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            Hi TSGal,

            Many thanks for your prompt reply. I have not as yet tried the script, but I will. I do now understand as a complete beginner I still have much to learn. Fortunately this is not time sensitive as I am still working with 'spreadsheets' which are working well for me now.


            This may also help you understand why I have individual tables for each category of product, from huge flat linked and calculated spreadsheets to relational database.

            You have given me great advise, I thank you for this and the forum.


            Thank you consider my query to have been solved. Scripting here I come.