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Beginner Importing CSV File

Question asked by AustinJohnson_1 on Sep 23, 2013
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Beginner Importing CSV File


     I am a beginner at FileMaker (though generally fairly tech savvy).  My boss has asked me to handle converting several CSV files of information from our county's property assessor database (parcel ID, parcel ownership, parcel value, etc) into a FileMaker database.

     I am attempting to import one of the CSV files, but not having any luck.  My problem is shown here:


     The PARDAT.txt file imports all the listings into one source field and generates one target field.  I am trying to set this up so that Parcel ID, Tax Year, Alternate ID, and the rest of the listings will each be a separate entry.

     I know I'm making a rookie mistake, but I honestly have never used this software before and we are trying to get thing up and running quickly.  FWIW there are 350,000 parcels in our file each with a few hundred corresponding entries, so this is a a large project.

     Can anyone point me in the right direction? Direct help, links to other posts, or links to applicable tutorials would be most appreciated.  I am having trouble finding a basic tutorial for FileMaker - I don't (yet) need to know how to link to iCal, import contacts, set up scripts, etc.

     Thank you!