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    Beginner question about container fields



      Beginner question about container fields


      I'm trying to learn FMP 10 and as an exercise I'm attempting to modify the starter Family Medical Records database but I'm having difficulty with container fields. I've added a button to do an insert picture and have selected show repetitions horizontally but I can only get the one image to be displayed. I want to be able to add extra images if required, in this case to add scanned medical test results etc. I'd also like to double click the image in order to open it. Is this possible? Thanks.

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          I've found a recent thread which partially deals with my questions -


          using a preview picture as the shortcut to the full sized JPEG


           - the reply here was to "place a button beside the field to 'zoom' it - ie: take the user to another layout where the image is full size, or another button to 'Select/Play' the field and it will open the file".


          The latter suggestion is what I'm after but I'm unsure how to 'Select/Play' the field though...  


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            Hi, mvs


            You will need to have a button beside each repetition of the field (note that it is almost my duty to advise you not to use repeating fields.)  Right click on the button text in layout mode and  select 'Button set up'.  Scroll down to 'Go to field', and specify in the dialogue box which field you mean, which repetition, and tick the box to 'Select/Perform'.


            And the standard 'must-do' advice will also be to make sure you only 'Store areference to this file' whenever you are storing the image in the field.


            I hope this helps,