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beginner question about many-to-many relationships

Question asked by AdamReed on Mar 20, 2011
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beginner question about many-to-many relationships


Apologies for what I'm sure is a very basic question...

I'm trying to keep track of authors of books.  One person may be the author of many books, and some books will have more than one author -- so as I understand it this is a many-to-many relationship.

I have a PERSON table with the fields:

- person id

- name

- author (yes/no)

- author name (a calculated field which copies name if author = yes)

I have a BOOK table:

- book id

- title

I have a linking table:

- author id

- person id (looked up from PERSON table)

- book id (looked up from BOOK table)

This is all working fine from the PERSON layout -- I am able to create a person and a book through a portal and have the appropriate authorship values assigned in the linking table, etc.

What I'm not able to do is create another portal on the BOOK layout enabling me to add a coauthor or change the author if a mistake was made.  Any changes do appear on the BOOK layout, but not the linking table.

Thanks very much for any ideas...