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Beginner question about portal

Question asked by ThomasVanQuaelle on Nov 5, 2014
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Beginner question about portal


Hi all,


Been trying Filemaker for a week now with a lot of ups and downs :) (but liking it so far)

I've been trying to use FM to create something that incorporates my company's estimates and invoices.

To to this I started with the Estimates starter solution ( I believed this to be a good start to understand the basic FM principles )

The big issue I had was to go from estimate to new invoice and copy all of the item names, unit prices and quantitites. I've gotten to the point where this works but if I enter multiple items in the portal, they don't copy to the invoice. :s


Included you will find some pictures to illustrate.

Please could somebody help me? I've had countless sleepless nights trying to figure out this wonderful software and I would love it if my first little project could work...


Thanks in advance!