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Beginner Question on Find

Question asked by DavidConrad on Nov 11, 2011
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Beginner Question on Find


Context:  I have a table of Donors, and a table of Gifts.  

The Donors table has the typical address list content,  the Gifts table includes Gift_Amount and Gift_Date.  The two are related by a simple "id_no."

It's easy enough to design a report with Donor's and their gifts, but I need to print a report that includes only those donors who have donated between a start_date and end_date.

I've been able to gather the start_date and end_date via a dialog box and assign them as global variables, and I've even been able to create a portal that filters the gifts based on that date constraint.   I've used a summary field to total just those gifts that meet the date constraints.

However, I've solved the wrong problem - I am displaying gifts that meet the date constraints for the current Donor, but what I want to do is find Donors based on whether or not there are one or more gift records between the start and end date.  

Perhaps a simple way to state it, I need to find all the records in Table 1 which have related records in Table 2 that satisfy a simple "greater than this but less than that" constraint.

Thank you in advance