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Beginner: Creating an "Offers" database.

Question asked by CiroBruno on Nov 11, 2012
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Beginner: Creating an "Offers" database.


     Dear sirs, good Morning.


     I'm new to File Maker. I know what to do, but don't know how to do in FM. I'm trying to create an "Offers" database and I can't figure out how to select data from related tables. Let me give details of what I've been doing.


     I've created 3 tables:

     1) Customers table, with all data related to each customer (name, company, e-mail, phone, etc.)

     2) Products table, with all data about each product (part #, name, description, price, etc.)

     3) Offers table, with sequential offer number, date and other fields. This table is supposed to receive for each record a related customer from Customers table and a set of products from Products table.


     Ok, my issue is to understand and implement in Offers table the selection of customer and products for each Offers' record. I have already created relationships from Customers table in Offers table., but when I create a new record in Offers, I can find no means to select a customer


     I mean, I expect to create a new Offer ("+" button) and find in the layout a mean to select a customer and to select products to build the offer.


     Any tips? Thank you.

     Regards, Ciro.