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    Behavior Issues with Duplicate Layouts



      Behavior Issues with Duplicate Layouts


      I'm new to FileMaker, so apologies in advance...

      I'm using FileMaker Pro 12 and I'm playing around with layouts in order to create a several Dashboards for use by different departments within my company. I've created a basic Layout that consists of a Header, Body and Footer. The Main Dashboard has 6 Buttons on it, each one linking to a different Dashboard. I can make the functionality of the buttons work without a problem. The issue I'm having, however, is that the duplicate layouts act weird when they're accessed. Specifically, the Header and Footer sections resize for no apparent reason. The main Dashboard with the 6 buttons always works fine, even when switching between Dashboards. But the duplicates always resize.

      At first, it was both the header and footer that was doing it. I have text objects inside both sections. For the Header, I locked the top and sides in order to pin them to the top corners when the screen is resized. The footer has some contact information as a text object also, and I've anchored it on both sides to keep it centered when the screen resizes. The header and footer section, however, should remain a fixed size no matter what the screen size is (at least that's what I'm aiming for). 

      I've been able to get the header to work right, but not the footer. I've gone setting by setting between Layouts and can't find anything that would be triggering it. I'm not really looking for a quick fix so much as a better explanation of what might control the resizing of the header and footer sections so I can understand why it's happening. The "why" is more important to me than the "how".

      Any assistance would be appreciated. I will continue to scan the forums for any related issues that I might have missed in my first search.

      Attached is a screenshot of the main dashboard. I'll reply with a screenshot of one of the other dashboards as well. I feel like this is pretty basic and I'm probably overthinking the problem.


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          Any one of the buttons will link to a new dashboard that is built off of the first one. All the dashboards should be identical in format, only the content in the body section will change. The header and footer should be the same size regardless.

          Attached is a look at one of the others. Notice that the lower footer section is much larger on the duplicate layouts.

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            I had one layout with a Header that suddenly would appear at twice the specified height for no apparent reason and no object in the header had a bottom anchor specified that might explain why it did so. Eventually, I broke down and created a new layout to replace it.

            For the Header, I locked the top and sides in order to pin them to the top corners

            I must assume that you are describing setting auto-size anchors for object located in the header? (You can't select such anchors for a layout part such as the header itself.)

            I've anchored it on both sides to keep it centered

            An alternative method that sometimes works better is to not select any auto-size anchors. That will also center the objects, but without resizing them--which is not always desirable.

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              Roughly twice the height is about right. I've checked the Position and Size settings in the Inspector for that section when the Footer is selected and when it's not selected and there's no difference between the two Layouts. I also went back to double check my Anchors on the Object inside the Footer section. I said it wrong earlier, I had the Top and Bottom Anchors selected. Tried it with various combinations and with none at all and there was no change in the behavior. Yesterday I did exactly as you suggested and deleted everything and rebuilt it from scratch (twice) but that didn't help either. I just keep thinking I'm missing one little checkbox somewhere that's making it act this way and I can't put my finger on it.