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Behavior of OnRecordLoad script trigger

Question asked by disabled_weihaoding on May 15, 2014
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Behavior of OnRecordLoad script trigger


     What I'm trying to do is setting up a global variable that shows the current record number. What I thought would work is writing a script like this:

     Set Variable [$$R; Value:Get (RecordNumber)]

     and attach it to a OnRecordLoad script trigger.

     Since OnRecordLoad is a post-event script trigger, it should be triggered after the new record I switch to has become my current record. So I thought the global variable '$$R' will always show the current record number. However, instead of getting the current record number,  I got the record number of the record that I switched from, which is the last record that I was looking at.

     Could anyone please tell me why is this happening? and how to fix it? 

     Thank you