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    Bento > Filemaker Pro



      Bento > Filemaker Pro



      I'm interested in switching from Bento to Filemaker Pro. There are many things that Bento does very well [unexpectedly actually]. The one issue that I have is that 2011 is coming up and I would like to begin a new library or Archive my 2010 data and begin 2011 with a clean sheet. This doesn't seem to be possible in Bento for whatever reason. Support says that what I need to do is create smart libraries that exclude the date 2010 from any data. While that is simple enough, it seems inefficient. Is this something that can be easily done in Filemaker?

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          I'm not a Bento user, but if simply starting fresh with the new year is the only thing you need, then I think switching to FileMaker is a case of massive overkill.

          Don't know how you set up a "smart library" in Bento, but it sounds to me like an approach that simply filters out data with last year's date. That seems by far to be practical approach for this as you can still get back to the older data or even look at two years in combination if you find you need to do so.

          You may want to explore different approaches for using Bento on the Bento forum here.