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bento rrl to filemaker portal

Question asked by johnnym on Apr 18, 2009
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bento rrl to filemaker portal


I'm trying to export a Bento 2 database to Filemaker Pro, but i've not found any solution for importing the Bento Related Records List. I had a hunch it wouldn't be possible to export a Bento RRL, because the RRL for one doesn't show up in the Bento table view to begin with!

Now, i don't blame Bento, because for a 50$ app it rocks. I blame Filemaker for doing such an apparently lousy job importing Bento data.


As it seems there's no more import functionality in Filemaker from Bento (or export functionality in Bento for that matter) than a mere simple spreadsheet. Now I hope i'm wrong here, but if i'm right then i think that is just lame. 


I haven't yet bought Filemaker Pro, so i ask : what is my advantage in buying an application that cost ten times Bento, if I can not use my Bento data any more intelligently and efficiently than i would load it into a mysql db with my custom PHP scripting and front. The latter would cost me nothing. So I thought the Filemaker company would have thought of this before me instead, now possibly losing many customers over this minor but essential lack of feature.


Again, I hope i'm dead wrong here and that anyone can still answer this apparent cul-de-sac for me.