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    Bento to Filemaker



      Bento to Filemaker


      Ok so I have two libraries in bento, "Customers" and "Sales".  The "Customers" library contains 545 customers.  The "Sales" library, which is related to the "Customers" library contains 724 records.  In other words I might have more than one sale transaction per customer.  


      I have the tables in Filemaker setup, the they are relational, I'm ready to bring in the data.


      The question in how do I import this info into Filemaker 10 and maintain the relationship?




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          Perhaps this may get you closer to a workable solution.


          I have to make a few assumptions first:

          1. Your FMP Customers table has a customer_id field that is auto-incrementing and unique.

          2. Your FMP Sales table also has the customer_id field that is defined as the key in the relationship between sales and customers.

          3. There is only one customer per sales record. 


          Now go back to Bento and:

          1. Add a customer_id field (calculation) to the customers library and populate the records with values from 1 to 545.

          2. Include this field in the relationship list (portal) on the Sales form. 

          3. Add a customer_id field to the Sales library (calculation field = max of customer_id in relationship list).  Since there is only one customer per sales record (assumption #3) then this will add the correct customer_id to each sales record.


          Now you can export/import each library separately.



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            Thank you Jade,


            Your assumptions were correct!  I will try the solution and see if I can get it to work, thanks!



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              I forgot to mention this but you probably know already.  If you have an existing customer number that is unique and numeric, you can skip step 1.  The trick is to transfer that customer number to the sales records.


              Hope this helps…