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Bento to Filemaker Checkbox problems

Question asked by GeorginaRead on Jan 2, 2014
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Bento to Filemaker Checkbox problems


     Hi there,


     I have just migrated from Bento to Filemaker Pro Advanced over Christmas and thought everything was working OK ready for starting work today, but there seems to be an issue with the script I have setup to find records with a specific checkbox deselected. 

     I had it set to find records where the checkbox field value is = which I thought was the value assigned to an empty field, but the script doesn't show all the records expected. On other scripts where I am searching for the TRUE value (field name), this works fine, so how can I find FALSE values in the checkbox field or empty fields? I've read some forum answers on similar queries, but I'm not sure I need a separate lookup value table as finding true value fields is fine, it's just finding the empty fields that I'm struggling with. 

     Many thanks,