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Bento to FileMaker database conversion?

Question asked by ideapower on Nov 3, 2008
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Bento to FileMaker database conversion?


Hi, new to the forum, and to FileMaker Pro. I've been using Bento for project management and contact management since it first came out, and I'm interested in stepping up to FMP, but a bit wary about the transition. A few basic questions:


1. There doesn't seem to be any existing Filemaker (company) support for translating a Bento database to FileMaker Pro. As I've posted on the Bento forum previously, I find this hard to believe, as there's a huge opportunity for Bento to be an "entry point" product, as it could potentially be for me, if the files will translate properly. My question is, how can I transition to FMP the least painfully??


2. Does FMP interact with Apple Address Book in the same way as Bento? I have a fairly extensive contact management system I've set up in Bento, and would like to use FileMaker for that as well if possible.