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Bento, yay, FMPro, argh

Question asked by yetanotherwebaccount on Feb 19, 2009
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Bento, yay, FMPro, argh


Happy bento user here, trying to play around with FMPro for work. I downloaded the trial, and I just want an issue matter tracking database that people can use via the web interface. 


So, I created a new database based on the issue tracking template, and enabled web publishing. Works great! Then I decided to, you know, actually customize the database and (re)discovered how difficult it can be. It's so easy in Bento to create a field to contain files. Not so in FMPro. I created a container field, added it to the layout, and it shows up in the web view, but it's not editable. That is, I don't see any way for a user to, via the web, insert a file into the container field. Is that not possible?


On a related note, can single field contain multiple files, like in Bento? Or is one file per field?