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Best approach using Portals for list views

Question asked by JCPython on Aug 22, 2012
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Best approach using Portals for list views


Im looking to create a section in my runtime similar to whats in the attached image, a bunch of different value list (approx 60 different list).

I started out by creating a table for each and every list type, then created a tab object with a tab for each list type and a portal related to each list on each tab. not sure if this is the right approach here.

When user clicks a list type in left column then those records should show in the portal to the right, now these different list will have different field names/types and some will have more fields than others so this leads me to believe that using a portal filter script may be out of the question to navigate through the different list.

can someone lend their developer expertise and just tell me which methos of doing this would be best for overall performance in the end.


Thanks in advance!