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Best Approaches for Tagging System(s)?

Question asked by eliotr on Mar 5, 2014
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Best Approaches for Tagging System(s)?


     I have several FM databases which -- because they were developed thru the years -- have tags set up in different ways.  Some use checkboxes, some use free-form fields with comma-separated values, some use both.  I've also read about advantages to using related records rather than checkboxes.

     Can anyone offer me guidance or steer me to an article or two about the best way(s) to set up tagging systems, perhaps in different contexts?

     Most immediately, I'm reworking my "PeopleDB," which has professional and personal contacts of all sorts.  I'd like, for example, to be able to identify who could serve as resources for various purposes, who has various roles or interests, etc.  I currently use both a free-form field and 2 checkbox fields.  What might be a better way?

     (And unfortunately, some of my CSV tag fields have used different styles, eg, "higher educ" [with a space], "higherEduc," and "higher, educ".  Is one approach better?  Should I try to correct the past inconsistencies?)

     Thanks,  Eliot

     FMP Advanced v 13 with OS 10.9.