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Best available options for DB sharing?

Question asked by grouper on Jun 30, 2014
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Best available options for DB sharing?


     Hi all,

     I have created a DB in FM pro 12, which I plan to use for a small business. It works fine up to now. The next step is to make it accessible to 2 or 3 people at the same time. The DB is being saved in Dropbox so that it can be accessed from various places. I am planning to give access to the dropbox account to 2 other persons, so that they can open the database file. The final step is to allow access to the DB from a mobile phone.

     Which is my best option for sharing the DB? Shared network or Instant Web Publishing? Do I have to get an iphone and install filemaker go for mobile access or is there a way that it can be viewed from any mobile phone that has a descent web browser through the web-publishing option? If I choose the filemaker go, will I have to convert the database or is it done instantly by the software? And will it be as functional as it is in my desktop?