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    best database construction method



      best database construction method


      Hi Group


      I am a little confused, when I purchased filmaker 9 advanced, I posted a few questions on various forums on the best way to construct my database:

      option 1: 1 database with many tables all linked

      option 2: many databases linked


      all the responses were to have 1 database and many tables, so I have gone down that route. However I am looking into filmaker 10 and have downloaded the business resources kit as I like the email and stock control bits so I was intending on hashing it all together. But this uses multiple databases linked together? What is the best way to do this and are there any advantages or disadvantages in either route?


      Regards Fluffy

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          Multiple File and Single File/many tables both work. Both are supported by Filemaker.


          Single File solutions:


          1) Aren't likely to break if someone moves or renames a file.

          2) Have fewer issues managing relationships between tables.

          3) Enable you to see all the relationships between all the tables in one window.

          4) You'll only need to manage one set of accounts/passwords/access priviledge settings.

          5) Aren't like to hit the "50-80 open file" limit.

          6) Scripts must carefully take into account which layout/table is "current" during execution.


          Multi File solutions:


          1) Can enable a developer to mix and match components to produce different solutions.

          2) Can avoid "visual clutter" because they don't show every relationship in one window.

          3) Each file has it's own set of Accounts/passwords/access priviledge settings. --- This is usually a big problem, but may be helpful in some situations.



          Others may have different observations, but those are what I come up with.