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Best email hosting solution

Question asked by JRRyan on May 27, 2014


Best email hosting solution


     Hi, I'll just start with the obvious, I'm not overly familiar with filemaker in general, but I do understand databases and live connections, just not which ones filemaker uses to populate its data fields through outlook.

     That said, here's the issue. We migrated one of our email domains to gmail (google apps) and now our quote generator in our Filemaker based MIS will not populate customer fields. I understand that this is somehow related to the fact that Gmail is a web based service, that relies on http/xml data streams, but is that going to be the case with any pop/imap/smtp connection to a hosted email service?

     Basically I need to know, if google isn't going to work, what are my choices? Filemaker plug ins/asking the MIS developer to change their software is probably out of the question.

     Thanks for your patience with such a basic question, hoping I can get some help with it though.