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Best FM Plug in or method to check 100's of URL's

Question asked by CraigIssod on Jul 29, 2011
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Best FM Plug in or method to check 100's of URL's


Hello all,

Long time FM user here - since like version 2....but have taken quite a hiatus for the last 10+ years due to learning web stuff (mysql, etc.)....

I need a simple way of using FM to check for the existence of domains (URL's.)

This would need to automatically cycle through 100's of URL's which are listed and simply give me the response header - such as 200, 400, other words, to return that to the field next to the URL.....

I could manually start the script, as I only need to check once every few weeks. 

Oh, I have FM 7 and 9 Mac.

If there is a better way to do this outside of FM, that advice would be welcome also. I know it could be done with shell scripts, etc. but FM would make it nice anc convienient since I have to keep track of the sites and a couple comments about each anyway.