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Best Font Format for future-proofing?

Question asked by Pictrix on Nov 25, 2009
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Best Font Format for future-proofing?


In upgrading a legacy solution, I found that some of our fonts were not OSX friendly. They either needed some type of fix/recover or conversion to even load into OSX. (Going from FMP5->FMP10 and OS9->OSX 10.5 and 10.6)


Unfortunately, any of the "fixed" fonts (with same names) aren't being seen by FMP as the fonts the layouts were set up with. FMP asks me every time I open the file(s) and if I click the "show in finder" it goes to find the old "un-fixed" version of the font. It doesn't do any good to "load" those fonts, because those fonts don't work in OSX, and everything defaults to geneva or helvetica or whatever it is. Regardless of what is clicked. (It will also simply be blank for the fontname)


Right now it appears everything on every layout needs to be re-set, unless I can find an option to have FMP map the old fonts to the new updated versions or whatever fix is needed for this. I'm looking at a few hundred layouts ultimately here, and getting a little grumpy at the thought!


Should I be updating/converting these fonts to TrueType or OpenType?


Is there something else I should be doing in the conversion/fixing process to preserve whatever it is that FMP is (or is not) picking up on in order to swap in the converted fonts into their appropriate places?


Also, we have no windows machines and can foresee no need for windows compatibility with this solution.


Thanks for any ideas on this.