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    Best method for bringing in text



      Best method for bringing in text


      I have a list of pre-formatted text that I have and I need to create a list that will allow me to select the various poems and then bring them into a text field that can be edited and then printed. What is the best method for this?

      I am using FMP7 and I currently have one record with a field named for each of the poems with the text inside that in one record.

      I am not sure if a portal is my answer or what.

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          Set up a table of poems for this. In your poem table, put each poem into the same text field of a different record. Define an additional field in this table to store the title of this poem. You may also find it useful to define an auto-entered serial number field in this table. What you do next depends on the design of the system you want to set up.

          Do you want to just be able to find this poem and edit it or will this poem you want to "bring into a text field and edit" be part of a larger record you need to maintain separatly from the list of poems?

          When you edit the poem, do you want the original text that you "brought into a text field" to remain unchanged or to be updated to match?

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            I want to bring it into a text field into a larger record and edit it there.

            What would the significance be of the serial number in that record?

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              That doesn't fully answer my question.

              Say I have a short poem: "Roses are Red, Violets are nice".

              I bring this poem up and edit it to be "Roses are Red. Violets are blue."

              What do you want to happen to the original poem? Should it be changed to reflect these edits or remain unchanged?

              The serial number field allows you to uniquely identify each poem in a way that has nothing connected with user input. If a poem has the ID 123, but you decide to change it's title, the ID remains the same and this can enable you to maintain consistent links to your table of poems in spite of the title change. How useful this detail will be depends on the number of poems you are working with and how you intend to work with them.

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                I do not want the original poem changed. I want to be able to ajust it for each new reocrd I have.

                Sometimes people want slight tweaks, but not always.

                Titles won't change either.

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                  To your table of poems, add a second table for the editing. Define one of these two relationships:

                  EditTable::PoemID = Poems::PoemID   (Poems::PoemID is an auto-entered serial number)


                  EditTable::Title = Poems::Title

                  The second is easier to set up, but you also set your self up for possible problems that the first relationship avoids. The second relationship requires that each poem title must be unique and can never be changed after entry (which might just be due to data entry error), without also taking steps to find and correct Title field of every EditTable record that stores this same poem title.

                  Thus the 2nd is easier to set up, but the first is safer. I'm going with safer here for the rest of this set up:

                  With that relationship in place, you can define your text field, PoemText in the Edit table to use an auto-enter setting, looked up value, to copy the poem text from the poem table each time the user enters the PoemID in a record in EditTable.

                  On a layout based on EditTable, put the EditTable::PoemID field, formatted as a pop up menu or drop down list. Define the value list to list the PoemID numbers from Poems in column 1 and the PoemTitles in Column 2. When a user selects a poem title from this list, the poem text will be copied into the PoemText field for editing.

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                    Looks like that is going to do the trick. It took me a little bit to decipher what you were telling me, but it made sense. Thanks!