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Best Method Suggestions.....

Question asked by Annette on May 24, 2013
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Best Method Suggestions.....



     I was looking for some suggestions on the best and most effecient user friendly way of entering some information.  I havent begun to design this section as of yet so I can go in whatever direction works. 

     Basically I have a database of clients and their personal information.  I need t record service hours for these users.  Service hours work like this:

     8am-8pm - Day hours (calculated hourly)

     8pm-8am - Overnight stay (not calculated hourly, just as an overnight)

     So if I entered the service on Monday at 8 am and left on Tuesday at 8am the result I need is 1 overnight, 12 hours. 

     And if I entered on Monday at 10:00 am and left on Wednesday at 12pm the result would be 2 overnights, 26 hours

     I would like users to be able to enter it in a range from date of entry to exit rather than as seperate occurances for ease of entry.  Just wanted to see if anyone who's had more experience than me had any good ideas/suggestions. 

     Thanks for the input!!