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    Best options for licencing etc based on my needs



      Best options for licencing etc based on my needs


      Hey everyone,

      I'm using the FM Pro 13 Trial still but trying to figure out what I need to buy now since there's the bogo sale ending tomorrow.  Right now I'm a one man shop just my Mac laptop and then I use a PC desktop when I'm in the office often so mix of both.  I've made a CRM system in FileMaker that runs on the desktop currently and is shared so the Mac can also access it.  This works for now, but in a few months I'm hiring 1 or 2 new people, so will have 3 in total for awhile.

      I feel like FileMaker Server is overkill and a bit out of budget for us just to host the file.  From my understanding, if a file is shared with FileMaker Pro, anyone who opens it then becomes the person to share it out?  If I wanted to host it on a computer like another desktop, but not actually access it from there do I need to buy FM Pro just for that desktop to share it out even if it's never actually used from there?  Or because it's just sharing the file, can I use the same licence for my Mac laptop on there?

      I of course see the benefit of FM Server but it's just a bit expensive right now for us since we are so small and potentially just myself for awhile.  Also while I think accessing the files from a web browser are cool, I found it is slower than using the FM app so no real benefit to it.


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          I am planning to go to Filemaker Pro and want to hire a student to help - the question of sharing access thereby comes up. I am reluctant to buy a copy for a part-time student who may not be with me long. 

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            Any computer can host the database, but it is strongly recommend to use the same computer to host the database and all other connect remotely.  You will need a license for each computer including the one hosting the database.  The license agreement states each computer needs a license.  Filemaker will install on more than one machine, but if it connects to shared database with the same license key it will shutdown.  If you  have less than 6 simultaneous user then filemaker server is not required (5 max).  The best option is to buy by tomorrow before the bogo sale ends.  You can always call to place your order.  I'm not sure if there is a limit, of the number of bogo.

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              Great thanks for the help!  It's actually not too bad because I was on the site trying to see final pricing with shipping or tax etc and when on FileMaker.com there's no Canada option just French, so I assumed it's all in USD which says $329.  Once I was on the cart though I changed it to Canada and was happy to see it is $329 CAD as well!  The exchange rate is brutal right now as $329 USD is more like $379 CAD so that's good!

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                I am a little confused by the OP's statement " that runs on the desktop currently and is shared so the Mac can also access it".

                It would suggest perhaps that the sharing is not through filemaker network and may be shared through windows file sharing or remote desktop access. If it was shared through FMNet surely the lack of a second licence key would restrict it's use?.

                With regard to the OP's dilemma, the BOGOF offer has happened perhaps twice, maybe even 3 times per year in the years I've been using FM. If you don't need a second copy of FM (+ another free) right now, I would wait until closer to the time you think you will need it and then re-evaluate the situation. The reason I say this is ... yes it's a good opportunity to buy now ... but if there is a new release in the new year you'll be a version behind with 3 licences (just pure speculation, I have no insight into when Filemaker update their versions).

                If you continue with your single licence setup for the moment, share the file with FMNet and utilise iPads (everyone has iPads) with FM Go as cost effective clients for your CRM solution. You can have 5 concurrent FM Go clients and all for free.

                From my own perspective, I run a FM 13 Server with 20 concurrent iPad clients and about 8 desktop clients. I bought this outright and pay Filemaker an annual maintenance fee which covers support and upgrades should they arise. For me it's a "no brainer" as Filemaker as a development platform, is the cornerstone of our "in house" systems and is being leveraged even more as the solutions are expanded. I always take advantage of the BOGOF offers, it just makes financial sense.  

                I would also recommend having at least 1 copy of FM Pro Advanced as your development platform, the added functionality over standard Pro is well worth it during development.



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                  To clarify, what I mean is my desktop computer is a PC and has FM Pro 13 trial on it with our CRM database.  I've selected Share this database.  On my Mac laptop when on the same network or on VPN, I also have FM Pro 13 trial which when I run I click open remote, which shows my PC Desktop and the CRM and I click it and open it on my Mac.  I was just saying I hate that I need to buy a licence of FM JUST for that desktop to sit there sharing the database with 1-3 people, as that desktop would never be used directly, and all other machines are laptops.

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                    Ahh, two FMP trials ... now I understand. 

                    ..... then definitely take advantage of the BOGOF offer laugh

                    Unfortunately, that is the cost of entry into shared Filemaker solutions, at least you'll only be paying the cost of a single licence.