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Best options for licencing etc based on my needs

Question asked by LeeMoreau on Dec 9, 2014
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Best options for licencing etc based on my needs


Hey everyone,

I'm using the FM Pro 13 Trial still but trying to figure out what I need to buy now since there's the bogo sale ending tomorrow.  Right now I'm a one man shop just my Mac laptop and then I use a PC desktop when I'm in the office often so mix of both.  I've made a CRM system in FileMaker that runs on the desktop currently and is shared so the Mac can also access it.  This works for now, but in a few months I'm hiring 1 or 2 new people, so will have 3 in total for awhile.

I feel like FileMaker Server is overkill and a bit out of budget for us just to host the file.  From my understanding, if a file is shared with FileMaker Pro, anyone who opens it then becomes the person to share it out?  If I wanted to host it on a computer like another desktop, but not actually access it from there do I need to buy FM Pro just for that desktop to share it out even if it's never actually used from there?  Or because it's just sharing the file, can I use the same licence for my Mac laptop on there?

I of course see the benefit of FM Server but it's just a bit expensive right now for us since we are so small and potentially just myself for awhile.  Also while I think accessing the files from a web browser are cool, I found it is slower than using the FM app so no real benefit to it.