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Best Practice for a Barcode scanning inspection System

Question asked by JoshHyman on Jan 21, 2012
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Best Practice for a Barcode scanning inspection System


Hi Folks,

I am wanting some advice on the best practice for a problem I am having at the moment.


What I need to do is the Following:


At the moment I have three tables linked by a unique ID number these tables are Master Inventory, Visual inspections, Operational Inspections. The inventory table contains details of each item, the visual inspection table contains over 150 different types of inspection fields as does the operational inspection table.

The System I am setting up is for daily inspections of many different pieces of equipment, each piece of eqipment will have an individual QR barcode and we will be inspecting about 300 items each day.

The system will run on filemaker go and I have already made a script to read the QR barcode via the ipad camera, extract the data, and return it to a global field.

The issue I have is that there are 150 or so different catagories of Item to be inspected and each inspection contains a different combination of these Visual and Operational inspections fields.

I would like the script that reads the barcode to be able to take the user to the correct record in a layout that displays the correct combination of inspection fields, I think I will need to create an independant layout for each item and then point the script to that layout.

I was going to use the go to related record script step and the layout name by calculation method to use a portion of the extracted QR code to inform the calculation. 

In your opinion is there a better way to so this before I custom make 150 different layouts.

I also want the user to have to fill in each inspection field before the record is validated, I think I will need to make indiviual scripts to check the validation of the unique combination of inspection fields needed for each inspection, again over 150 unique scripts. Is this also the best way forward in your opinion.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and lend a hand, cheers