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Best practice for history script

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Dec 30, 2013
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Best practice for history script


     I have a field that I have put a OnObjectExit Script. This field I am using to record history (in my HISTORY table) with Get(ActiveFieldName) and Get(ActiveFieldContents). I changed to OnObjectExit because I could not get anything out of OnObjectSave, probably because it being a post type step it is not getting to send the data before leaving the page. So OnObjectExit seems to work well, except I have to add a extra Go to Field step in a lot of the scripts that will trigger the OnObjectExit script. What I mean is, if I do the creation of a record manually it works, but when another script should trigger it because of new record creation nothing seems to happen. Is adding this extra Go to Field prudent? Am I going about the correct way?