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Best practice for multiple devices

Question asked by ethan_levine on Apr 24, 2012
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Best practice for multiple devices


Hello all ,

     I have a FM 11 DB that I have since converted to FM12 and it seems to be working well on my Mac.  One of the reasons I upgraded to FM 12 was to make use of the new "touch" layouts for iOS devices.  My attempts at designing iPad/iPhone layouts were clunky at best. In its present form I have basically three sets of layouts, one for Mac, iPhone and iPad. 

     Because this DB is used most often on iOS devices, I am wondering if there is a "best practice" for ensuring the appropriate layout is selected for each device. When using the iPhone for example, it is easier to have all fields in a single vertical row whereas on the iPad there is ample room for multiple rows of data to be seen and manupulated.

     Should I use FMGo12? Is there a way to only load iPhone layouts to my iPhone and iPad layouts to my iPad when syncing FMGo via iTunes?  Is there a way to automatically detect which device is in use and display the appropriate layout based on this information?

     I have considered IWP but there are times that my mobile device wil be out of WiFi range and I do not have GoZync or anything similar.