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Best practice question: Displaying old data (from Excel) and new data (FM12) together.

Question asked by pinchvalve on May 7, 2014
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Best practice question: Displaying old data (from Excel) and new data (FM12) together.


     I have a new database created in FileMaker and it is working great.  One section displays Orders.  Since orders are now based on a Quote created earlier in FileMaker, most of the data on the Order layout is actually tied to a related Quote table or is a calculation field.   Moving forward, this will work great.  

     However, I have a few thousand old orders that I would like to have in the system so that when I look at a customer, I see ALL of their order history.  I am trying to figure out different ways to do this.  

     Option 1 is to have an "OLD" orders and "New" orders display in separate Portals.  Anywhere the user sees orders, there will be two lists.  This is easy to program, but clunky.  

     Option 2 is to copy most of the information from the Quote Table into the Order Table.  This will work, but it duplicating a lot of data.  I hate to have the same info in there twice.  Plus, it will not be dynamic, meaning that totals will be copied and pasted instead of being calculated.  

     Option 3 is to create a quote for each of my old orders.  Problem there is that the data sets don't really sync up.  The old system has a part number that was manually entered as a number.  The new system calculates the part number from a series of other fields.  Not sure how to resolve that.  

     So its a philosophical question at this point.  Do I just have a system that works from May 2014 forward?  Do I include the older data, but keep it separate?  Or do I try to integrate them somehow, and if so, how?

     I'd love your thoughts and suggestions.