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best practices ? filter portal v subsidiary table

Question asked by margotjacqz on Apr 13, 2011
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best practices ? filter portal v subsidiary table


What are the pros and cons of using filtered portals? as compared to using a dependent table? 

Let's simple terms two tables with Large data sets, People and Companies. For various reasons you want to keep all records, but there are differing levels of Active. (For example, if a company is closed or has been acquired, you may want to keep the record, but do not need to have in an everyday list to choose from; similalry if a Person is lost.) Say you have ToDo records referencing People. In creating a new Todo, it's really best to have only the active ones on the drop-down.

My inclination is to create a filtered table occurance keyed through a status field (or something) and then use that as the basis for active layouts, current value lists, new records etc. That is create once, use many ways. Is this going to be more complicated than I think?

However, filtered portals also seem very useful. What are the thoughts here on if that would be a better way to go?