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best practices for container field file paths?

Question asked by DonorTracker on Feb 8, 2009
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best practices for container field file paths?


I'm going to be using a lot of container fields with paths to PDF files.  Currently I keep all the referenced PDFs in a single folder.


What is the best approach to enable me to move this database to another computer someday?  (I don't want to store the PDFs in the database.)  My understanding is that the file paths are "hard", meaning they wouldn't work if the database and PDF folder were moved to a different account/machine.


Is there a way to globally change all the container field file path references in the database to reflect the new location of the PDF folder on a new machine? 


Or is there a variable in FM that can be set to "~" so that the PDF folder would be found in any account that it was located in?