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best practices on one v. multiple files?

Question asked by margotjacqz on Mar 6, 2011
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best practices on one v. multiple files?


Is there a good reason to choose to have all data in one file, or to make several files? In my case size is not going to be the determinant, just thinking through the organizational philosophy.

In recruitment, [broad strokes here] I have records on People, Companies, Projects, and Actions. People are linked to Companies; Projects are linked to Companies (client), People (candidates) and Actions related to the project; Actions - email, telecons, research, advertising etc - link to  Projects, People, and/ or Companies. Reports might include actions taken on a project, actions on behalf of a client, actions to follow up on people or projects. 

Just wondering about pros and cons of putting it all in one file or if there is advice to separate the I over thinking this?

thanks, margot