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    BEst solution for housing resumes



      BEst solution for housing resumes


      I am redesigning our company's database. We need to change the way we house our thousands of resumes. I am looking for suggestions.



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          How do you do it now?

          With what version of FileMaker?

          What would you like to be able to do with FileMaker that you cannot do now?

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            Right now I use an empty box. We do the resume like we want, then we copy it from word and paste it in the box that corresponds with the clients ID number. I was told we could use a container field, but not sure that's what we want to do. sometimes when a client calls a recruiter needs to change the resume, and if it's just a container they can't do that.


            we are using FM11 and updating to 12 in a few months


            I would like a container field that would allow any user to open the file change it and then the changes are saved in the container

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              If you use Insert File to insert a file into a container field and use the "store a reference" option when doing so, a user can double click the container field to open the file with the application the user's computer is set up to use to open files of that type. Store a reference only inserts the file name and file path of th existing file so this requires storing the files in a shared directory to which all user have access and to which they have the same filepath to access it. Since this opens the actual file, any edits to the file will be visible when another user opens the file.

              You might still paste the text from the resume into a text field so that you can use it for searches--something you can't do with a container field.

              FileMaker 12 offers new options for container fields that may make working with them a bit nicer for this project, but you might also want to open the Known Bug List here in the forum, click the icon for the last page and then click backwards one page at a time while reading the bug reports for FileMaker 12. This way, you can see what bugs have been reported for FM12 and evaluate whether any will cause serious issues for you before you spend the $$ on the upgrade.

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                     I am still trying to figure out a solution. I have FM12 now and I am trouble shoting the container field, but still cant figure out the best way. Anyone out there want to trouble shoot with me? need to be able to open the file, see the file, and download the file, and having it searchable would be best as well, so i don't have to use a container field