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Best way of showing values from value list

Question asked by GuilhermePrudente on Mar 25, 2013
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Best way of showing values from value list


     Hello again!

     Hope you guys can help me with this one. I have adopted the decision of having "enumeration" tables to feed the value lists. Basically, I have something like:

     EmployeeType ---------------------------------------------<Employee

     -EmployeeTypeID(number)                                             -EmployeeID

     -name(Manager,Salesman,etc.)                                    -fk_EmployeeTypeID(number)


     One thing I have been noticing is that, everytime I pull the information from Employee, on a portal or such, EmployeeTypeID comes as a Number. That is perfect as it is set-up that way. However, to display it "accordingly", I always have to go to the fields populated by value lists and set them as pop-up menu with the respective value list so it is displayed correctly. Is this the most efficient/smart way? I'm afraid of forgetting to update a certain field or having too many value lists flying around the place. Would it also be better to consider the "name"/text information itself as the primary key? It's always seems wrong to keep text as a primary key, to me. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!