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Best way to "look up" customer records in a production application

Question asked by danphillips on Sep 20, 2012
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Best way to "look up" customer records in a production application




     To start off with, I am new to FMP.  I am trying to determine the best way to select a customer from a list and then moving to and updating that record.  I have used Access in the past as was able to easily design a drop down list to select which customer I wanted to update.

     I know FMP has the search feature but this requires a lot of moving around and the possibility of returning multiple records.

     I have 3 basic questions: 

     1.       What kind of lookup options are developers using for their applications?  (usually a development package leans to “one best solution”)


     2.       Is it feasible to develop in FMP a drop down list for a user to select a customer from, and then move to this record for update? 


     3.       If this drop down list is feasible, would it be easier / better to put a “add new Customer” button next to the drop down list, or could the user just type the customer name in, and if it does not match an existing Customer, add a new customer record and move to the first field.


     I know all things are possible, but I’m not interested in reinventing the wheel or fighting gravity. I’ll go with the flow and fall in line if I must.

     Assume that:

     Customer Name is unique

     Limited number of Customers (300)