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    Best way to add a record in a portal when using IWP?



      Best way to add a record in a portal when using IWP?


      I have a portal set up to show related records in a many to many relationship, using a join table. Records are added in the default way... click on the next (blank) record, and select from the drop down list. No problem... works fine. But when using IWP,it's confusing.  Since it's not immediately in edit mode, the user has to know just where to click to get the drop-down list, and when he does, the new record doesn't show in the portal until he clicks "submit"... which is confusing and inconvenient for the user. Is there a better way? Perhaps a script which adds the record and comes back to the current layout? Or something simpler?

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          Set Variable [$ID ; LayoutTable::PrimaryKey ]
          Go To layout [join table]
          Set Field [JoinTable::layoutKey ; $ID]
          GO to Layout [original layout]
          Commit Records

          Will add a new blank record into the portal in IWP (I think). Just don't include the freeze window step often used with non IWP versions of this script.

          You might also be able to use a variation of the "checkboxes" method in this demo file: http://www.4shared.com/file/dZ0bjclw/ManyToManywDemoWExtras.html

          But if you do, you'll need to come up with a method other than conditional formatting to make the check boxes change appearance to show which records are selected. A calculation field that returns a value can be used in place of the conditional format.