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Best way to auto-complete multiple fields?

Question asked by mauser319 on Jan 14, 2009
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Best way to auto-complete multiple fields?


Hi all,


I'm working with a new database in FileMaker Pro 8, which we're going to use to track technical issues that come up at my company.  There are about 30 fields in the main layout that would get completed for each incident (record).


To save time down the line, I would like to set this up so that certain fields (example: Owner of Computer) will auto-fill certain other fields in the form (example: Platform (Mac or PC), OS version).


I've experimented with Relationships a bit, but the problem I run into is that the auto-filled data can't be changed after the fact without affecting all the previously-committed records.  Say I've got a user named Jed, and Jed's running Windows XP, Service Pack 2.  When I enter Jed's name in the Owner field, I'd like Windows XP and Service Pack 2 to auto-complete in their fields.  That data is important to that incident's history, and shouldn't be changed down the line.  But now, let's say two months down the line I get another call from Jed with a new incident, but he upgraded to Service Pack 3 since the last time we spoke.  Sure, I'd like to update my "profile" for Jed to auto-complete the new data (and could do that from a table of user profiles, I assume?), but I DON'T want FileMaker to change the instance of "Service Pack 2" in the first record.


So, is there a way to tell Filemaker to apply data from a relationship only once, and then leave it alone?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!