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Best way to capture simple customer registration info onsite

Question asked by RLM on Sep 4, 2013
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Best way to capture simple customer registration info onsite


     I run an event business and need the ability for customers to complete a very basic registration form on-site (name, select group name from drop down list, email address and phone number) as they enter the event space.

     Upon completing the form and hitting submit, a new form should automatically pop up for the next customer. 

     No customer should be able to review another person's record.

     I will provide the customer data entry devices (eg. iPads or Chromebooks or notebooks) however, my device selection will in part be dictated by the best methods proposed in response to this post.

     Ideally, I would like to do this with iPads and was thinking that FileMaker Go combined with IOS' Guided Access (which prevents users from switching apps) would do the trick. However, I'm relatively new to FM development and am seeking input from those more experienced.

     The event space will have local WiFi connectivity but not necessarily internet access. I was planning to use FileMaker Networking or Instant Web Publishing. 

     The customer registration data will be used downstream to create custom event passes that will grant them access to the event.

     Any insights would be greatly appreciated. 

     Many thanks in advance.