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Best way to conver t word, PDF, XLS into FM PRo? 11

Question asked by LisaJohnson on Oct 30, 2010
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Best way to conver t word, PDF, XLS into FM PRo? 11


I did one of those online PDF to XLS and all it did was give me one columbn (A) of info, in other words, company name, then address, then name, (FULL), and on the address, many had both phones and emails.

I was also able to make a Mac Iwork Pages, which you can convert to word, or to a TXT file.

My qyeuestion is, with this being out for so long, someone by now must have come up with a plug in that will go and grab all the info you need and store it into a way that fileMaker can read rug==ight?

What would be the best way to do this - its about 300 contacts that I want o have in the data base.  Hope I am making sense and someone can help me. Like someone always does as there are some pretty smart people in this group/

First now that I have a Word, ODF, TXT and PDF file, how can I essentionally clean it uo and input into FMP 11 advanced!!!?