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Best way to copy record from one table to another?

Question asked by AntonChuykin on Jan 15, 2012
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Best way to copy record from one table to another?


Hello there!

   I have a very simple task: I have table with order confirmations and when the deal is done I need to issue invoice. 90% of information in my invoice is my order confirmation. Of course i don't want to make double work, so I just want to copy full record in one table and place it in another.

But there are 2 complicated issues:

1. of course I want to have another serial numbering and dates for invoicing, so this fields i would like to skip

2. I have portal table in my order confirmation, so it should be copied too. 

What is the best way to do it? I read around, that copy+paste features are not recommended. I thought about export into temp. file, them move to new layout and import from this file again?

please check attached screenshot of my future table.

Thank you for all your advices!