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    Best way to create a revenue log?



      Best way to create a revenue log?


           I have a table with roughly a dozen A and B accounts, where revenue is tracked and projected on a monthly basis. A new field for every month, every quarter is a calculation of the months, and the same for yearly.

           I would like to create a monthly snapshot of every record (A and B accounts) in a new table, say Revenue Log, with the purpose of comparing and analyzing the change in revenue projections on a per-account basis. So one record in Revenue would be related to one or more records in Revenue Log.

           I was thinking of writing a script that will create a new record in Revenue Log from every record in Revenue, with additional field indicating the date of the record 'snapshot'. At this point I haven't explored automating the script to run on a regular basis, just want to have it working manually at this point.

           Any suggestions or advice is appreciated!


           -- FM 12.0v4

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               Is this what you want?

               Specify "January 2014" and December 2013 as the two months in question and then you want to see:

               Revenue Category     December 2013          January 2014
               Retail Sales                                8,000                 9,000
               Wholesale                                  4,000                 5,000

               Or would you be ok with:

               Retail Sales
                      December 2013     8,000
                      January     2014     5,000

                      December 2013     4,000
                      January 2014         5,000

               The second option is easier to produce and does not require adding another table to your system, but both options can be set up in FileMaker.