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Best Way To Easily Replace Multiple Data Fields

Question asked by NeoTekCorp on Aug 14, 2009
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Best Way To Easily Replace Multiple Data Fields


Okay, I've received excellent assistance here before and now I was hoping to get a clear and concise solution to the following scenario. I'm consolidating a couple business listings and am finding it tedious to organize things uniformly. Here is the situation...


I have three fields


Field #1: old_BusCode

Field #2: Category

Field #3: Subcategory


I've set up a second database with all the category/subcategories in them. Now, as I import the old businesses I need an easy way to perform a find for a particular "old_BusCode" and then be able to enter the Subcategory from a drop down list which would automatically populate the related Category field.


I had a few thoughts on this but figured I'd throw it out here to those with more experience and wisdom on their side.