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    Best way to Give a Client Credit?



      Best way to Give a Client Credit?


      What would be a good way to give a client Credit for something they bought. Example:

      I have a DB for Contacts / Clients.

      I have  DB for invoices.

      what i would LIke to create is in Contacts i enter in manually BUT do not want just anyone to do this, and be able to then have the "Credit" show when creating an invoice and the option to click "Use Credit" for use on the next purchase. does this make sense? then if they do click it, then the Credit gets removed from the Contacts DB and amount is deducted from the Invoice.


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          For bookkeeping and records purposes. You might want to set up a debit/credit table where you log the date a credit is awarded--entering the amount in the credit field and then log the date and amount of a credit that is used--could be several records before a large credit is used up in the debit field. A running balance can be computed to show the current total credit avaialable to a given client.

          Your "credit ledger" would have date, debit, credit, contactID, a calculation field, cBal: Credit-debit and a running total summary field that totals cBal so that you can see the total credit currently available for any given customer.