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Best way to handle a lot of data?

Question asked by Varndawl on Dec 11, 2012
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Best way to handle a lot of data?


     I have a form that people fill out that contains a section with a list of 100 different "Items of Interest" that they can choose from. So my first instinct was to create a Value List with those 100 different options and then on my layout I created a field with a Checkbox Set with values from that Value List. The problem then was that I couldn't chart that data. It was only allowing me to see the number of items that were checked in that field rather than me being able to see the number of times each individual item from the value list was checked. 

     What's the easiest way to handle that data in a way that I can chart it? Will I have to make fields for each option? That seems like it will be very confusing to view.