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Best way to Look Up Values

Question asked by carlz_1 on Jan 31, 2009


Best way to Look Up Values


Newbie question


I am developing an application that requires I use certain government figures.  For example, for a person to be eligibile for program A, their income cannot be greater than $2,000.  I calculate the person's income from all sources and want to see if the total income is less than the $2,000 figure.  That $2,000 amount will change every 6 months. 


There are a number of government values I will need to reference.  Some change in January, some change in July, some change every so often.


I would like to have a Table with 2 sets of records, one that contains the government figures for the first half of the year, and one that contains values for the second half.  I see a script running that says if application date is during the first half of the year, use the figures contained in the 1st record, if the second half, use the figures in record 2.


Thanls for any input.