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    Best Way to make Credit Memos?



      Best Way to make Credit Memos?


           Hello - I have a heavily modified invoice/inventory/customers set of files (based on the old bps template where each is a separate file).

           I need to create a set of credit memos - which is basically an invoice in reverse with their own set of ID numbers but, referencing from the same inventory and contacts.

           Am I best off just cloning the Invoice file and changing the fields to return negative numbers (for the credit)?  I tried copy and pasting the invoice table and then create a new layout that references the new Credit Memos table,  but the work to then re-link all the related fields seems like more work than I want to get into.

           Am I missing something simple here?  Thank you for any help.

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               What do you need to put into that credit menu? Might you be able to use a layout that refers to your current invoices table but which is customized for a credit memo--which is then treated as just another type of invoice?

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                 But, if I refer to the Invoice table, then every new record would create a new invoice number, right?  Or, if it's just referring to the table, a new record that is created in this Credit Memo table would not have to do that?  It could have its own field with a new set of ID numbers?

                 To answer the question as to what I need this Credit Memo to do, I just need to create another type of invoice like you say, but the total will always be a negative number.

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                   And does your invoice use a line items portal to list specific items being returned? I'm guessing that this is the case.

                   And yes, each credit memo would also have a new, unique invoice number. But as I said, this approach would treat invoices as a special kind of invoice, so that is what should happen. And you can use a self join relationship to link such a credit invoice back to the original sales invoice and this relationship can be used to automatically assist in listing the items to be returned.

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                     I played around with self-joining tonight -- very cool -- opens a world of options.  Problem is, the client wants to credit items that run across multiple invoices, and really doesn't care about cross-referencing orders...

                     thank you for the help!

                     -- Don

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                       Which doesn't mean that you can't still create a record in the invoices table for recording items returned. The self join to link back to the orginating invoice or invoices just seemed like a very good idea for many businesses.