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    Best way to market and sell an app developed in FM



      Best way to market and sell an app developed in FM


      In the past I have developed apps and sold them through Itunes.  Now that FM Go is free, it seems there will be many more oportunities to sell FM developed apps to the masses.  It seems since FM is owned by Apple the perfect solution would be to allow a developer to "bundle" the FM Go and end solution and sell it as a complete package.  I would think sales would boom if that was done and both Apple and FM would benefit. (Many more would purchase FM) as the tool to develop the apps.  

      in the meantime, what are the best ways to market and sell an app developed using FM?  Are there any established "stores" to market to the general public?  

      Thanks, I would appreciate any ideas.

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          I suggest we all get our signs ready and march on Apple and Filemaker headquarters...

          Occupy Apple.

          Occupy Filemaker.


          Of course the first question will be who will look at these Filemaker solutions and determine which are junk, excuse me, and which are worthy of being sold on iTunes. Answer that question and then move on to the next one. How much? And then Will allowing a flood of low priced 'Fapps' affect the sales of established Apple customers and developers. How would you answer a client's question, "Why should I pay you thousands of dollars when I can buy this on iTunes for $10? Next, would Filemaker's sales dwindle to a hand full of developers with a dominant position on iTunes. And then, would developers in countries with lower costs and wages beat the pants of of the developers in the US who need more money to live?

          Not an easy question to answer is it? Angry Bird time...

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            All I can say is with that attitude, there should be no iTunes at all.  The level of complexity and functions are less on the FM Go platform.  I don't see it as competiion for current developers.  As for the testing, currently Apple tests thousands of apps per week.  All they should be checking for is the security of the app, just as they pretty much do now.  If they were testing for true functionality and bug free apps they could never keep up.  I do believe that some of the sophisticated games that are submitted and reviewed by the iTunes folks a much more complex that the average FM Go app.  

            FM Go apps and FM Pro solutions are not in competition with each other.  At least that is what I think.