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    Best way to secure a field



      Best way to secure a field


           I have created an invoicing system for a client and would like to know the best way to prohibit their team from modifying important data. For example, in the product layout I have a SKU number and case price which I don't want people to modify. There may be times when the price needs to be adjusted but that would be very infrequent and would only be performed by specific people.


           Thank you for the help!

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               You can set up accounts with passwords and privilege sets that do not allow the user to edit data in a particular table--such as your product table or that do not allow access to a particular layout--a layout where the fields in question are editable. (You can prohibit browse mode access to specific fields on a layout to keep them from being edited.)

               See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help.

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                 Thank you. I had previously set up account privileges for certain tables and that has worked well. I will try prohibiting browse mode for certain fields on tables they need to be able to modify!