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Best way to set up a "parts" inventory?

Question asked by MeganMcFadden on Jun 13, 2013
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Best way to set up a "parts" inventory?


     I work for a distributorship that has an inventory of:

     sets (137 total and some of the same thing) these sets consist of items with : item number, description, and quantity.

     Each set may have similar items in it.

     I want to have a layout that will house the name of each set and its home & current location (they travel between different hospitals).

     I know i want to have a portal to the contents of each set on the layout for each individual set but i dont know how to set up the table for the contents. I have ready about a "joining" table but still dont understant what information i can put where.

     I also have a table that already has the an auto serial number, set name, home location, home representative. Can i link the set name to another able where i put the contents so i dont have to reenter all of it?

     I want the portal to look like this for each individual set (with a scroll bar)

                    Set Name                     Item Number                     Description                     Quantity
                    a                     1                     as                     2
                    a                     2                     df                     4
                    a                     3                     gh                     2
                    a                     4                     jk                     1