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Better methods for relating Line Item fields ??

Question asked by CStovin on Mar 30, 2013
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Better methods for relating Line Item fields ??



     My portal on the ORDER layout is using records from Lines, but fields from INVENTORY are placed in it.  I'm guessing this is standard fair to help minimize file size so you are not copying redundant data...

     However after working and developing, I realized there are times when I might update or change certain INVENTORY fields such as an Internal Serial#, or a Grouped Set #.  If I do this on the Inventory end it  automatically updates the information in the ORDER::Lines Portal   which I would rather it not do.     I have an Order History and it would be nice to see if certain fields have ever been changed  over the years.

     To accomplish this I still left my relationship graph the same, but created "redundant," fields in Lines with similar names to the fields I was using from Inventory.  Such as INVENTORY::category is now , LINEs::category in the portal.  In the Field options for ( LINES::category  = INVENTORY::category )  and unchecked do not replace if any field....

     Will my database grow too large this way reducing efficiency, or Is their a better way to program this ?